SOUND BATH PALM SPRINGS has moved to Amsterdam! Thank you for checking out my site. 

Sound is a powerful energy that can transform on many levels.
Come & be bathed in pure sounds
                                  that will take you on a deeply transformative journey.

have gongs, will travel

Wyatt Smith is a sound healer who regularly administers cleansings to anyone with 45 minutes to spare. He performs the meditation with 5 Paiste gongs and seven crystal bowls; each bowl is tuned to a different chakra, or center of spiritual power in the body. Wyatt says he plays by intuition rather than any sort of composition, and the sounds are different during each session because we different each day always changing never the same.

We will do a cleansing exercise, the sound bathers will then choose a comfortable position typically on the floor on their back with their heads facing towards the instruments, in a dimly lit room. Wyatt then performs a mixture of sounds produced from the crystal bowls, gongs and chimes. He suggests that attendees come with open minds.

During the sound bath the participants may experience intense feelings. While listening to the sounds the bather is able to focus on the sounds versus the monkey chatter that our mind is famous for. The sound can the brain waves and help you reach the meditative state rather quickly.

Wyatt advises during the intense periods to breathe instead of holding your breath, you want to let that “stuff” out whatever that stuff may be. Sound baths are a very unique and individual experience and are different for every individual and will be different from one time to the next.

Wyatt Smith has offered Sound Bath Healings since 2010.

He uses Paiste gongs, Crystal bowls,

Koshi chimes, rain makers & various

other instruments.


Allow your body to be still

& allow the vibrations

to enter it and help put your body

 back into balance. 


Benefits may include

•  helping the creative flow

•  gaining focus and clarity

•  releasing energy that no longer serves

•  releasing tension, anxiety & stress

Come hear

the healing

sounds &

feel the


This sound



& moves you

into a deep

state of

healing & relaxation